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Team B Training Programs

Open Water Swim Clinics (May thru September)

Navigating the open water can be the most anxiety inducing part of a triathlon.  Every week, Team B gives you the opportunity to learn and get comfortable outside with no lane lines!  Starts and exits, sighting, technique, and race strategy are all covered each time we go out!

The team meets at Oakland Beach in Rye. Workouts range from 1/2 mile – 1+ miles.

Start time: 6:45pm. Contact Coach Jeff Boyer at 914-960-7762 for any changes.

Season Package(up to 20 swims): Team B Members: $400  

Non-members: $500 

Drop In: $40

Open Water Swim Clinics

Performance Strength & Conditioning

Affectionately known as the “Pain Cave”, our private studio has all the tools you’ll need to help you get stronger, improve mobility, and perform your best in racing and in life!  As a certified strength & conditioning specialist with the NSCA, Coach Jeff Boyer guides you with over 25 years of practical experience to help you achieve your goals!

Individual: Team B Members

Single session: $95
or 10 sessions: $900


Single session: $125
or 10 sessions: $1200

Number of Sessions

Small Group (2 or 3 athletes):

Single session – $75/ea. .
or 10 sessions – $750/ea.


Pain Cave Performance Indoor Cycling: (December thru March):

Not as scary as it sounds, the “Pain Cave” is set up with Cycleops bike trainers, and a great sound system to help you increase your cycling power and fitness over the long winter!

Equipment Requirements: Bike in clean & good working condition, Water or Sports Drink, bike shoes, and a power meter or heart rate monitor.  You can leave your helmet at home!

Tuesday: 7pm

Saturday: 6:30am & 7:45am

Ride Options

B Water Swim: (Town of Mamaroneck Rec. Dept.)

Bruce Lee once said to “be like water.”  That is what you will learn in the B Water Triathlon Swim Program.  Focus drills for all parts of your stroke, and breathing techniques are front and center in this triathlon specific swim practice.  Learn how to moves easily through the water to decrease effort and increase performance!

The program is run through the Town of Mamaroneck Recreation Dept., and takes place at Hommocks Pool in Mamaroneck.  Check the link below for more information.

Pricing is $160 Resident/$180 Non-Resident

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