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BAM Training Programs

B Strong Strength & Conditioning


Single session – $150
or 12 sessions – $1500 ($125/session = $300 savings!)

Number of Sessions

Small Group (up to 3):

Single session – $70/ea. (over 50% Savings) or 6 sessions – $420/ea.
or 12 sessions – $840/ea.

Number of Sessions

B Fast Speed 4 Endurance Track Workouts: (April thru November)*

Pain Cave Indoor Cycling: (December thru March):

Tuesday 7pm / Saturday 6:30am / Saturday 8am

# Of Rides

Make up sessions on Sundays. Limited space – reservations required.

B Water Swim: (Town of Mamaroneck Rec. Dept.)

Pricing is $120 Resident/$160 Non-Resident

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