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50 Excuses

Published July 16th, 2011 in BAMFing, Just B

I want to talk about “excuses” as they pertain to training, and to life in general. I’ve been dealing with them a lot lately, and it’s starting to get me down. I’ve decided that I’m going to make a list of as many excuses as I can remember hearing so we can all get them out of the way. That includes me by the way.

1. I got in late and just can’t get up to workout.

2. I don’t have time in my day. (see #3, #10, #13, #20, and #23)

3. I’m too tired! (see #1)

4. I’m too slow to train with the group. (see #12 and #33)

5. I’m too fat. (see #12)

6. I don’t know how.

7. It’s raining.

8. It’s cold.

9. I don’t look good in tight clothes. (see #5)

10. My work schedule is too demanding. (see #3)

11. I’m not motivated. (see #6 and #12)

12. I’m scared.

13. My kids schedule is to crazy. (see #3)

14. I have no babysitter.

15. I don’t know how to change a flat tire.

16. I’m injured. (only slightly sympathetic to this one..)

17. Something hurts… (see #16)

18. My bike is not working properly.

19. Your training schedule doesn’t fit with mine. (see #13 and #10)

20. I’m too busy training everyone else. (this one’s on me…)

21. I don’t like swimming. (biking, or running…)

22. I’m going to be away. ( for a long time…)

23. I take care of everyone else before me. (see #33)

24. I don’t like change.

25. It’s hard work.

26. I only have a hybrid bike.

27. My husband won’t let me. (works the opposite way too guys…)

28. I feel guilty taking time for me. (see #23 and #30)

29. It’s hot.

30. It’s against my religion to workout this day.

31. I don’t feel good. (see #17)

32. I travel too much for work. ( see #10)

33. I feel lazy. (you are lazy…)

34. I did a race once already… (see #33)

35. I like to eat certain foods… (doesn’t everyone??)

36. I don’t like to feel pain. (see #33, #25, #21, #17, and #12)

37. It’s a holiday. (see #33)

38. I’m on vacation. (see #37 and #33)

39. My car won’t start, or broke down. ( see #33)

40. I ate too much. ( see #35)

41. I’m out of work. (I don’t have money either… stop going to starbuck’s everyday…)

42. I’m allergic to pool water. (or the ventilation system is horrible…)

43. I slept through my alarm. (see #3 and #12)

44. I can’t run any faster.

45. I have allergies. (see #42)

46. Someone else is sick and I have to take care of them. (see #23)

47. I don’t have the right clothing. (see #9)

48. I don’t like the downhills. (see #12)

49. I don’t like the uphills. (see #33)

50. Life gets in the way. (REALLY??)

I decided to stop at 50. Why? Well, even though I could probably write down 50 more, I believe you get my point. We all have any number of reasons why we decide not to do something. Whether that’s working out or trying something new. Things are difficult. Don’t quit. Things are scarey. Be brave. Things are tiring. Hang tough. The worst thing to do is nothing! I’ve learned that many times. I’m still learning that! The team motto is B Strong. B Fast. B Fit. JUST B. Remember that that comes from the quote by Socrates; “To do is to be.” So, STOP IT ALREADY! If you tell me you want to do something, complete some race, get in shape, whatever… MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I will not give any excuses for this rant. It needed to be said to you, and to myself.


Coach B

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